Homework Packet: On Mondays your child will receive a homework packet. Please follow the instructions and work on it daily. This packet is due on Fridays. Please initial each day showing that your child completed the assignments.

  Spelling: On Monday in class your child will recieve Spelling word sorts and I will go over the word sorts with them. Throughout the week you will work with your child on different ways to sort their words. On Fridays we will have a spelling test on those words. Students will have different word sorts that meet their individual needs.

  Math: On Thursdays in the packet their will be a math assignment to complete.  Please work with your child to complete this assignment.  

Guided Reading Books: Based on your child's reading level they will be sent home with a ziploc bag and a book and corresponding writing assignment on Mondays or Tuesdays.  Please read this book multiple times with your child (unless it is a chapter book) and dicsuss and have them complete the writing assignment that follows with the book.  Please return the book and writing assignment everyday with your child to school, because we will use the book and writing assignment in guided reading groups daily.  Please complete the assignment as soon as possible, the book with the ziploc bag will be turned in on Fridays. Your child will receive a new book every week if possible.  Please understand that if your child receives a large chapter book they are not expected to finish within a week, and will be given appropriate time to complete the book and assignment.