Math : Unit 3- The students will learn about addition and subtraction facts 1-10, fact families, tallying, sorting, and graphing. Students will learn this through whole group, small group, and hands on activities. Also, the above grade level curriculum will include addition and subtraction using two and three digit numbers, comparing two and three digit numbers, and solving number stories with two and three digit numbers.

           Writing:  Through independent writing, guided writing, and whole class instruction the students will learn how to write to persuade.

           Reading: The students will continue to learn about story elements, before, during, and after reading strategies, text features, and the main idea.  Also, students will now be learning about folktales and fairytales and how to find the important message in a story. Students will learn this through guided reading, small and whole group instruction, and independent reading.



PYP: Cha-Cha-Changes Unit- 

        The central Idea: Change Occurs over Time 

        Lines of Inquiry: * The scientific Process

                                   * Change in Matter

                                   * Change in Weather

                                   * How data is used to make predictions

During this unit the students will learn about how the world works. An Inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies.

The summative assignment will be that students will design, implement, and present an experiment using the scientific method to investigate how change occurs overtime. Students will record data and present results.

Specials:     Physical Education, Media, Music and Art.