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Update:2011-02-02                                   Mrs. Pockett's

First Grade Classroom Website

Welcome to our Classroom website.   Thank you for visiting.


    I want to let all the families know how proud I am of the students in this classroom.  They have made so much progress in this past quarter and it definitely reflects in their report cards. Please review their report cards and sign the outside envelope and return the envelope to me as soon as possible. Please email me if you have any questions. Look over our website I have updated the curriculum page since it is a new quarter we have all new units in various subjects. Our new picture day will be Friday Febraury 18th. I have been testing Mclass (Reading levels) these past few weeks and will continue testing until the end of February, so you may notice a change in your child's reading level. If you have any questions about that please let me know. Also, if you have an old sock please have your child bring one in to school when possible. We use the socks as erasers for our whiteboards. Thank you for all that you do. Have a wonderful week!                                                                                     


                                                                 Friday Febraury 18th- Picture Day

                                                                   Wednesday, February 02
                                                                     Report cards distributed

                                                                    Monday, February 14
                                                                        Valentine Parties

                                                                     Tuesday, February 15
                                                          Richard Montgomery Cluster Concert

                                                                      Monday, February 21
                                                                    Holiday - Presidents' Day

                                                                      Friday, February 25
                                                                      PTA Family Fun Night

                                                                       Tuesday, March 01
                                                                           PTA Meeting